We are the Coyote and Eagle, the makers of screech and howl.

We are lovers living in the redwood forest in a tiny cabin with our cat Methuselah, and our VW bus, Jade.

we fell in love in ceramics class in 7th grade, and the following year in art class,we made a promise to never be apart.

We spend the witching hours surrounded by candles and earthy tunes in our art studio creating together.

we were both born on a waxing crescent moon.We are both cancers.Our cycles of creation are ruled by the cycles of the moon, and swayed by the ocean tides.

We believe every piece of jewelry we make holds a bit of our love, and soul within it. We work with intention. Everything we make is made to evoke feeling,to fulfill a purpose, and to empower.


Of the earth, of the sea, from the redwood trees, to the mountain peaks.Stay wild.